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Adastra Thailand is part of Adastra Group. The company was established in 2018 in Bangkok with the purpose to support business development in South East Asia and tap into the local pool of technical specialists. It has been recognized and promoted by the Board of Investment under section 5.7.3. (High Added Value Software Development) and under section 5.9 (Managed Data Services).

As of today, the company is operating in Bangkok and Chiang Mai hiring consultants locally and globally, specializing in Cloud Managed Services, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence & Analytics.

Employee Perks & Benefits

Ongoing (Quarterly) Compensation Package Reviews

Ongoing (Monthly) Performance Bonus Payouts

100% Petty Cash Reimbursements

100% Visa & Work Permit Expenses

100% Flexible Working Hours on Project Demand

100% Remote Work (Home Office) Allowance

Collaboration Offices in Bangkok & Chiang Mai

40 Days Paid Absence (Vacations, Holidays)

Private Health Insurance

Provident Fund Enrollment

400+ Lifelong Learning Courses

Quick Leadership Paths for Seniors

Foreign Company Open Door Policy

Work & Travel Opportunities in EU and Canada

Nationwide & Global Contracting (Negotiable Terms)

AdastraTH Culture Manifesto

Managers are servants to employees. Managers are elected to make sure that employees have all the processes, resources, and information they need to provide services to clients in an efficient manner. Any manager up to the CEO is visible and reachable for a chat regardless their title. Decisions are taken with a consent in an agile manner and executed efficiently in no overdue time. We accept that wrong decisions happen and we appreciate the learning before we adjust the process for a continuous improvement. Employees serve clients. Employees listen attentively to client needs and collaborate internally as a team to cater to them. Managers and employees work together to get things done and are accountable to each other. Corporate KPIs are transparently reviewed on monthly company events with all employees.

We recognize and accept that some of us are more ambitious, more gifted, or more hard-working. We also recognize that some of us look for a stable income and lesser hassle at a different stage of their careers. There is a place for everyone, we embrace and need this diversity. Grades in our company are not based on number of years of experience, they are value driven based on everyone’s ability to deliver independently their work to clients and/or lead others. There is no “anniversary/annual” bonus, we distribute bonuses on a monthly recurring basis as an instant gratification for performance and this bonus is practically unlimited. There is no “annual indexation” of salaries, you may be upgraded several times within the year, or none, based on your own pace of progress, ambitions, relevant skillset and recognition by clients.

We challenge the notion of work-life balance, we embrace the notion of work-life integration instead. This philosophy looks into our lives as a single whole where we serve ourselves, our families and our clients in an integrated manner. We encourage 100% flexible working hours where you arrange your day. This means you are free when you have little work, but this also means extra effort if you are behind schedule. Working on a Western project also means nobody bothers you during the whole day but you may have to jump on a scrum call in the evening to talk to your team overseas. We appreciate time and we minimize time spent on Adastra meetings. We are also a remote-first company. While we have our collaboration offices and social events, we encourage people to work 100% remote from home whenever possible. This means saving time and money on commute, staying home with elderly and little ones, not missing the special moments in life. This also means you can work from any of our other offices in Europe, North America or Australia, or move to a place with lower cost of living without impacting your income. We trust you by default until you fail our trust.

Adastra Thailand is an international organization. We hire globally and our biggest partners and clients are in Europe, North America and Australia. We work on teams with individuals from different culture, ethnicity, sexual preference, political views or religion. We have zero tolerance to anyone who doesn’t pay respect to others or is abusive in any way. We speak different languages to one another, but we speak English when we are together or with clients. Our company is a safe space where communication is encouraged but boundaries regarding sensitive topics are respected. We accept and converge together to serve our teams and clients and ultimately have good time at work.

On annual average we invest 25% of our working hours to personal development and upskilling outside project work, regardless of seniority or role. We feature more than 400 courses on our Training Repo and we continue to actively purchase or tailor hands-on content. We certify people on our expense. We like to say we are technology agnostic; we learn the principles of data management and we apply it on different use cases and different technology stacks. We believe that the juniors today are the seniors tomorrow, we treat everyone with respect and mentor them into the roles they deserve. We encourage seniors to give back to the IT community through leadership and mentorship. On your last day with us we may give you an open dated job offer so that you feel welcome to return home as others did before you.

Candidate Journey Map

We believe that we can build а strong professional family where you can find great experts, diverse individuals and last but not least friends you will enjoy working with.

The hiring process is very straightforward and streamlined, but also fair and effective. Our goal is to fit your schedule and avoid wasting your time.

Our hiring steps can be customized or combined depending on the position and profile. See our current openings and develop your career with us!

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